Trust the Process

100% Disciplined and Transparent

We maintain an unwavering commitment to the fundamentals of pure intrinsic value investing.

Disciplined Approach

The Power of Commitment, Consistency and Transparency

Our time-tested intrinsic value philosophy is the cornerstone of our process, which has evolved to include a proprietary Multi-Factor Ranking Model. Combined, they identify what we believe to be the most undervalued stocks, with the highest probability to recognize that value over time.

Our bottom-up, fundamentals-based process is consistently applied to assist in the creation of high quality portfolios.

In addition to being effective, the process is transparent, easily understood and replicated in any market and under any conditions. Tailoring the process to fit the needs of our different strategies has enabled our team to deliver client solutions regardless of changing and challenging market environments.

Our market knowledge is comprehensive, our research is diligent and our risk protocols are stringent. We understand the true measure of our value is achieving client objectives with performance, and believe our process utilizes the most reliable tools available to consistently deliver that objective.

Enhancing Value

Our proprietary Multi-Factor Ranking Model blends the best of three different disciplines to focus our efforts on the most attractive targets for fundamental analysis.

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proprietary Multi-Factor Ranking Model.
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Transparent & Repeatable

Time-tested Philosophy

Our portfolio management team averages more than 30 years of industry experience and our process has remained unchanged for more than 30 years. The process is consistent and disciplined and has, over time, produced predictable results. Regardless of market conditions, we stick to the fundamentals of intrinsic value investing.